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Mid-West Regionals

We are part of the mid-west region and are hosting three rounds of the BRCA 1/10th Off Road Mid-West regional series during 2017. The dates are as follows:

2WD: Sunday 9th April 2017

4WD: Sunday 28th May 2017

2WD: Sunday 2nd July 2017

You can enter either meeting via the brca-midwest.co.uk website. The deadline for entries is mid-day on the Wednesday before the event.

If you are a club member and have not raced at regional level before then please talk to the other club members to find out how you can get involved - regionals are the next level !

Please note that no overnight camping allowed for our regional meetings, but you are of course permitted to bring tents to pit in during the duration of the meeting.

Note that you cannot enter these meetings through the club, instead please visit the BRCA Mid-West website to find out more.