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The building and racing of radio controlled model cars is something that has happened in the UK since the late 70's. It became really popular during the late 80's and has enjoyed continued popularity ever since. There are now classes of racing to cater for every taste and budget - from 1/14th scale micro cars to 1/4 scale petrol powered monsters!

What separate model cars from toy cars is the ability to upgrade and most importantly repair them - if something breaks you simply buy a replacement part. If you want to go faster you buy upgraded parts as your budget allows.

There are RC model racing clubs in every county in the UK and you can race at club, regional, national, european and even world championship level as your ability allows.

At Oswestry our passion is for 1/10th scale electric off-road racing - it is probably the most common class of racing and offers a fantastic mix of speed and excitement without the smell and noise of fuel powered cars.

If you want to find out more please visit the club and see why RC Model Car racing is the best hobby you didnt know about.